Web Pages That Generate Traffic

Web Pages That Actually Work!

If you want your web pages to generate free, targeted traffic, there are certain rules that need to be followed. These rules are simple and work every time:

  • Page content should be of the very best quality
  • Include the relevant keyword in the content
  • Keep paragraphs short – 100 words at most
  • Use graphics and enter the keyword into the ‘alt’ tag of the image
  • Ensure the keyword is in the title and first paragraph of text

Remember: Informative, Accurate, Unique!

Tutorials that actually teach

Free online tutorials (published as web pages) are great for attracting targeted traffic. Use all the web page techniques listed above plus the following:

  • Make the subject of the tutorial absolutely clear
  • Keep the tutorial to no more than 400 words/page
  • Use sub headings and break the tutorial into easily understood ‘chunks’
  • Assume no prior knowledge on behalf of the reader
  • Use graphics or images where appropriate – a picture can often clarify a point
  • Don’t leave anything out if it is a detailed (rather than a ‘general’) tutorial
  • Offer tutorials on your own services/products and also broader, related tutorials as well

Tutorials are among the most searched for items online and, assuming they have genuine value, are amongst the most successful devices for generating targeted traffic.

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