Press Release- Must Have To Publicise Your Business

Press Releases – Don’t Ignore Them

An online ‘press release’ can be used to publicise anything related to your business. It can be used to announce a new website, new web pages, a series of tutorials, reference documents (containing links to your products or services) new services or new products.

A press release should be no longer than 400 words, be written in an informative style, usually in the third person and contain a quote from ‘a company spokesman’, real or otherwise. The quote is important as it lends credibility and provides another opportunity to use the company name, which should be published as a link to the main website.

Forum seeding – without spamming

Online forums related to your business or products can provide a rich vein of potential traffic, as they allow contributors to include their own website URL in their forum ‘signature’. There are literally thousands of forums devoted to every subject you can imagine. You can surely find several related to your business niche simply by using a Google search. There are however a few points to bear in mind when using forums to ‘seed’ new traffic:

  • Find posts that ask a question and then offer a solution
  • Don’t post more than two links in any particular thread; instead, find another thread
  • Ensure that your offered solution is genuine and works
  • Don’t blatantly advertise your business; just include the website URL in your forum signature
  • Use as many different forums as possible; some have limits on the number of individual links that can be included

Forums can be really productive in terms of traffic and, because the forum is directly related to your business niche, any traffic from that forum will be highly targeted. A truly valuable source of new website visitors.

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