Lists and Autoresponders

There’s an old saying in Internet marketing that, “The money is in the list.” It really is too and, if you want to make the most of the visitors that come to your website and promote your products or services to them on an ongoing basis, you’re going to need an autoresponder

The most powerful weapon of Internet war!

Attempting to generate targeted traffic to their website has been likened by some experienced marketers to fighting a war. The enemy is of course the search engines and, in order to defeat them, you need to have the appropriate weapons; this guide you’re now reading being one of them.

The most powerful weapon of all however, is the autoresponder.  An autoresponder enables you to place a signup form on your website. This in turn enables people to fill in their name and email address and be added to your list. Unfortunately, most people are reluctant to do this and as a result, they have to be either coerced or bribed into doing so; something that we will cover in the next topic!

It’s really beyond the scope of this short guide to explain in detail just how an autoresponder works. In basic terms though, when someone submits their name and email and is added to your list, in return they will automatically receive something that they consider to be of value to them. They can also be sent regular, pre-written messages, updates or newsletters, all of which is handled automatically by the autoresponder.

Free and easy

The major commercial autoresponder companies charge between $20 and $300 per month; autoreponders can therefore become a major expense. The good news is, there are free alternatives available.

If you host your site yourself and have a WordPress blog, as indeed you should if you want to generate traffic, there are WordPress plug-ins that provide efficient, if simple autoresponder functionality. There are several of these, some of which are free, one of the most popular being available at

For a complete, professional, first-class, hosted autoresponder service which is just as good as its commercial rivals, take a look at listwire – which is absolutely free!  This is what I use as my autoresponder.

The essential rule

There is an essential rule for effective autoresponder list building which must be followed absolutely:

Whatever it is that you’re giving away in return for the visitor’s name and email address, make sure that it is worth having. If it isn’t, they’ll never visit your website again.

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