High Quality Content – The Key to Everything

Highest Quality Content – The Key to Everything

Words alone are not enoughIf you fill your website with rubbish, it will be heavily penalised by Google and the other search engines and attract very little traffic. Nowadays, words alone are simply not enough.Previously, it was possible to fill a webpage with almost anything, good or bad, safe in the knowledge that sooner or later it would be picked up by the search engines and promote itself up the page rankings. Google put an end to all that, some websites having been wiped from the face of the Internet altogether because the content was of such poor quality. Now more than ever, if you want your website to attract targeted visitors, the content of your website must be of the highest quality possible.

So what is high quality content?

Very simply, high quality content must be:

  • Informative
  • Accurate
  • Unique

Content should also be compelling and, if appropriate, entertaining; as far as the search engines are concerned however, it is the three qualities above that matter. If you’re serious about getting more targeted traffic, do this now:

Write on a piece of card, “Content is King!” and stick it to your computer. Seriously.