E-BooKs Give Away And Make a Profit

E-books and How to Give Them Away – Profitably!

An e-book makes a great giveaway. Creating a good e-book  is both an art and a science.  However, as long as what you write is (no apology for labouring the point!) informative, accurate and unique, your e-book will have genuine value. It should be relevant to your business or product, should include some kind of link to your website on every page (which will be regarded as back links when the e-book is open on a computer connected to the Internet) and should be reasonably short, easy to read and understand.

Your free e-book needs to be sold!

The subtitle above may seem to be a contradiction but, as you will see, it isn’t. The truth is, people value what they pay for and therefore tend to regard a free product as being worthless. As a result, free products have to be sold just as hard as paid products. If you want someone to download your e-book – and therefore signup for your list – that person must feel they’re getting something of value in return for their name and email address.

Assuming your visitor is interested, selling the features and benefits of your free e-book will generally persuade them to sign up for it. Imagine it were a paid product and use the same techniques as you would to sell any of your products or services. This includes having a ‘cover image’ of your e-book as part of your page content. The cover image, which should include the title of the book, a subheading encapsulating its content and the author, need be nothing more than a simple graphic. Remember however that it is the title that’s really important, as that is what people will take notice of. The cover image should also provide the very first page of the book itself.

Finally, always over-deliver on value. Whatever you promise those who download your e-book, always give them more than they are expecting; that way, they’ll come back to you.

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