E-BooKs Give Away And Make a Profit

E-books and How to Give Them Away – Profitably!

An e-book makes a great giveaway. Creating a good e-book  is both an art and a science.  However, as long as what you write is (no apology for labouring the point!) informative, accurate and unique, your e-book will have genuine value. It should be relevant to your business or product, should include some kind of link to your website on every page (which will be regarded as back links when the e-book is open on a computer connected to the Internet) and should be reasonably short, easy to read and understand.

Your free e-book needs to be sold!

The subtitle above may seem to be a contradiction but, as you will see, it isn’t. The truth is, people value what they pay for and therefore tend to regard a free product as being worthless. As a result, free products have to be sold just as hard as paid products. If you want someone to download your e-book – and therefore signup for your list – that person must feel they’re getting something of value in return for their name and email address.

Assuming your visitor is interested, selling the features and benefits of your free e-book will generally persuade them to sign up for it. Imagine it were a paid product and use the same techniques as you would to sell any of your products or services. This includes having a ‘cover image’ of your e-book as part of your page content. The cover image, which should include the title of the book, a subheading encapsulating its content and the author, need be nothing more than a simple graphic. Remember however that it is the title that’s really important, as that is what people will take notice of. The cover image should also provide the very first page of the book itself.

Finally, always over-deliver on value. Whatever you promise those who download your e-book, always give them more than they are expecting; that way, they’ll come back to you.

Lists and Autoresponders

There’s an old saying in Internet marketing that, “The money is in the list.” It really is too and, if you want to make the most of the visitors that come to your website and promote your products or services to them on an ongoing basis, you’re going to need an autoresponder

The most powerful weapon of Internet war!

Attempting to generate targeted traffic to their website has been likened by some experienced marketers to fighting a war. The enemy is of course the search engines and, in order to defeat them, you need to have the appropriate weapons; this guide you’re now reading being one of them.

The most powerful weapon of all however, is the autoresponder.  An autoresponder enables you to place a signup form on your website. This in turn enables people to fill in their name and email address and be added to your list. Unfortunately, most people are reluctant to do this and as a result, they have to be either coerced or bribed into doing so; something that we will cover in the next topic!

It’s really beyond the scope of this short guide to explain in detail just how an autoresponder works. In basic terms though, when someone submits their name and email and is added to your list, in return they will automatically receive something that they consider to be of value to them. They can also be sent regular, pre-written messages, updates or newsletters, all of which is handled automatically by the autoresponder.

Free and easy

The major commercial autoresponder companies charge between $20 and $300 per month; autoreponders can therefore become a major expense. The good news is, there are free alternatives available.

If you host your site yourself and have a WordPress blog, as indeed you should if you want to generate traffic, there are WordPress plug-ins that provide efficient, if simple autoresponder functionality. There are several of these, some of which are free, one of the most popular being available at https://wordpress.org/plugins/bft-autoresponder.

For a complete, professional, first-class, hosted autoresponder service which is just as good as its commercial rivals, take a look at listwire – which is absolutely free!  This is what I use as my autoresponder.

The essential rule

There is an essential rule for effective autoresponder list building which must be followed absolutely:

Whatever it is that you’re giving away in return for the visitor’s name and email address, make sure that it is worth having. If it isn’t, they’ll never visit your website again.

List Wire - Get Your Free Autoresponder

Google Loves Blogs

For reasons best known to itself, Google loves blogs.

However, it loves one of the most popular blogging platforms even more, and that platform is WordPress. WordPress is probably the most widely used blogging and content management system in the world today, takes about five minutes to set up and, best of all, it’s absolutely free. Installing WordPress couldn’t be easier and I can show you how to do it. (Contact me) If you want more traffic, install a WordPress blog on your website.

Quick, easy traffic generation

At one time, all websites were created using a language called HTML; indeed, many still are. Today however, many of the best and biggest websites are actually WordPress sites. The advantage of a WordPress site is that fresh material can be added regularly and easily. Blog articles don’t have to be long and just 300 words added twice a week will make a huge difference to your website’s search engine rankings.

Having a blog is a tremendously powerful means of producing huge amounts of free, targeted traffic to any website. If it’s a subject they know about, even inexperienced writers can produce a reasonable quality, 300 word blog post in about an hour or less. If you really want more targeted traffic, don’t neglect or underestimate the power of blogs – and make absolutely sure that you have one as part of your website.

Writing Guest Blog Posts

Increase your traffic by having a well established ‘authority site’ link to yours. Search engines look for websites that are referenced by authority sites and regard such linked sites as being more worthy of promotion. This is not the same as you having a link to the authority site. What is required by the search engines, especially Google, is that people can go to the authority site, find a link to your website and click on it. So, the question is:

“How to do I get an authority site to link to mine?”

If you have some writing skill, an excellent way in which to gain links – and therefore traffic – is to write for an already established blog. This may seem a daunting prospect at first but, when you realise how much you know about your own business and the niche in which it operates, it soon becomes clear that you have information and opinions that can be usefully shared with others in the same niche. By including a link to your website in your bio, you establish a link with the authority site.

Finding the right opportunities

You need to find guest post openings. Looking for places to guest post isn’t difficult; just Google ‘guest posting’. What you’re looking for however is very different. You want high quality sites related to your own business or industry. These sites will fulfil most or all of the following requirements:

  • The blog content is relevant to your own business or niche
  • The blog audience will have a direct or indirect interest in your business niche
  • The blog’s own articles will have successfully drawn comments from engaged readers
  • The blog editor engages in relevant social media activity, which will promote your posts
No portfolio? No problem

One thing that sometimes deters people from approaching other blogs is the lack of a ‘portfolio’ showing examples of previous blog contributions. It’s perfectly reasonable that before a well established, industry-related blog allows someone to write for them, the blog owner or editor will want to know that the person contacting them can write to the required standard. So, if you haven’t guest-posted before, what do you use for your credentials?

The answer is to direct the intended recipient of your article to your own blog. By the time you consider guest blogging, you should have already written several successful posts for your own blog. By looking at those, the editor or owner of the guest blog for which you wish to write can be assured of your competence. Your own posts will show that you are in the same business, know what you are talking about and have something worthwhile to contribute. You don’t need hundreds of posts; just a few really good ones that will give a good flavour of what you can offer the guest blog.

In short a WordPress website is the most valuable action you can do for your online business. I have videos ready to show you how to install and implement WordPress Blogging Platform. Contact me.

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10 Proven Methods of Free Highly Targeted Traffic

10 methods to successfully generate more targeted traffic to your website without costing you a penny. Only your own time is required

These top ten methods are:

  1. Highest quality content – the key to everything
  2. Google Loves Blogs
  3. Writing guest blog posts
  4. Lists & free autoresponders – your secret weapon
  5. E-books and how to give them away – profitably!
  6. Free trials that convert to traffic
  7. Web pages that actually work
  8. Tutorials that actually teach
  9. Press releases – don’t ignore them
  10. Forum seeding without spamming

A final few words

This above is not intended to be exhaustive and it’s fair to say that almost every topic covered here deserves its own detailed guide. Nevertheless, if you follow the tips and methods outlined above, it will not take long to start seeing the results in terms of higher traffic flow to your website. Please, put what you have learned into action. Many good businesses fail to get the targeted web traffic they deserve but yours need not be one of them. The techniques above don’t cost you a penny and, once you get into the habit of using them, will take no longer to implement than whatever you do now.


High Quality Content – The Key to Everything

Highest Quality Content – The Key to Everything

Words alone are not enoughIf you fill your website with rubbish, it will be heavily penalised by Google and the other search engines and attract very little traffic. Nowadays, words alone are simply not enough.Previously, it was possible to fill a webpage with almost anything, good or bad, safe in the knowledge that sooner or later it would be picked up by the search engines and promote itself up the page rankings. Google put an end to all that, some websites having been wiped from the face of the Internet altogether because the content was of such poor quality. Now more than ever, if you want your website to attract targeted visitors, the content of your website must be of the highest quality possible.

So what is high quality content?

Very simply, high quality content must be:

  • Informative
  • Accurate
  • Unique

Content should also be compelling and, if appropriate, entertaining; as far as the search engines are concerned however, it is the three qualities above that matter. If you’re serious about getting more targeted traffic, do this now:

Write on a piece of card, “Content is King!” and stick it to your computer. Seriously.