4 ways you can automate your business

If you want to be successful and make money online without giving
up all of your free time then you need to automate your business.

Putting your business into auto-pilot is one of the most profitable
things you can do. First, it means you still make money when you
are not working. So it’s OK for you to go on holiday… or get
ill without losing any income… but much more importantly, once
you have set up a fully automated system and it is making money you
can rinse and repeat!

If you want to make money online working from home then doesn’t
it make so much more sense to have several income streams?

Let’s look at 4 ways you can automate your business, so that
you can work from home (without having to actually do any of the

1. Set up a squeeze page to capture email addresses
A squeeze page is special page that is designed to capture email
addresses. To do this you need too things. First you need a form
where the visitor can enter their details and second, you need a
reason for them to want to give you their details!

For now, don’t worry about the form side of things, the
mechanics of setting up a squeeze page are a lot easier than you
might expect. Your squeeze page will be used to add people to an
email list, so you need a company or software to manage your list.
I recommend using Aweber, I’ve been using them for many years
and have found their services to be excellent. The good news for
any technophobe is that aweber will supply a form that you can pop
onto your squeeze page in just a few clicks.

The important part that you need to think about is the incentive
that you are going to offer people in exchange for their info. You
might like to offer a free book, audio download, access to more
information or whatever. Basically you are just looking for
something that has value for your target market.

Once you have set up a squeeze page you can start to build a list.
Which leads us nicely onto step 2:

2. Create a series of emails for an auto-responder
Aweber (the company I recommend you use to manage your lists) also
provide an excellent auto-responder service. This is a system which
allows you to pre-write a series of emails and select when each one
will be delivered. For example, you might have a welcome email sent
out as soon as a person is added to your list, then some free
information, followed by a promotion or an offer a week later.
After another week you might have an email sent out to anybody that
didn’t buy the offer and offer them a discount. Or you might
send out an email to the people that did buy the offer and offer
them another product or service.

Good email management software will do this all for you
automatically. You can have people moved from a prospect list to a
buyers list when they make a purchase and taylor your automated
emails to suit whatever stage of your product funnel your prospect
is currently at.

3. Promote affiliate products
Once you’ve set up your auto responder to promote all of your
own products and you have nothing left to sell, find affiliate
products that might appeal to your market and promote those.
Selling affiliate products is one of the very best ways to make
money online as you don’t have to do any of the work yourself!
You also don’t have to write any of the sales copy (which is
often the most difficult part of selling online)

All you need to do is send people to the merchant website, and when
they buy, you get paid.

With a little effort it’s very easy to set up a fully automated
business using auto-responder email. Once you have one up and
running you can then repeat the process over and over until you
have multiple passive income streams all feeding money into your
bank account on auto-pilot!

Done for You Option

If you don’t want to set up your own system for making money
online, you don’t have to. For a very modest investment you can
use a ‘done for you’ system that is ready to start making
money for you on auto-pilot immediately.
The system is called Big Commission Blueprint. You can access it here

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