How to create a sales funnel

suesmarketingtips.comsales funnelHave You Ever Wondered How to Create lots of  Revenue and Online Subscribers?

The concept of “creating customers” may at first seem to be an odd one. Don’t you find customers, not make them? Well, yes and no. While it is extremely hard to turn someone into a customer if they have no interest in your product/service or don’t have the money to make the purchase, with a proper sales funnel, you can create fans out of people who never even knew you existed (or at least never realized how much they needed whatever you’re selling). A sales funnel can also turn an “on the fence” customer into a raving fan who refers even more people to you!

Moving people down the sales funnel is called lead nurturing.

Some of the main ways to turn leads into customers include:

  • Make your leads feel special. No one likes to feel like a number.
  • Find a connection with the person, such as liking the same sports team.
  • Respond to questions quickly. When someone asks for more information, they want it now so they can make a decision, not three months (or even three days) later.
  • Communicate often. Don’t get annoying, but make sure you stay top of mind.
  • Incentivize. What bonuses or special deals can you offer if they make a purchase right now?
  • Be extremely helpful. Become an expert in your industry, so you’re seen as an authority. That way, your recommendations mean more.
  • Do research so you’re making the right recommendations to each person. What can your lead afford? What are their biggest pain points?

Sales Funnel Overview

Here’s the who, what, when, why, how of sales funnels:

  • Who: All businesses should have a sales funnel in place to help them turn leads into customers.
  • What: A sales funnel is a plan to allow a person to become aware of your company, learn about it, and make a decision on whether or not to buy.
  • When: Start funneling people into this process from day one, so you can slowly move them toward a sale.
  • Why: Sales funnels allow you to track your ROI and work on better customer retention practices.

how:  If you want more information on creating a Sales Funnel check out my SlideShare presentation

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